Ophidian 2360: Hostile Takeover


Dark Scrye Card Art Ophidian 2360: Hostile Takeover; Illustration by Eugene Randolph Young

Here’s a sneak peek at a possible addition to the scheduled release Ophidian 2360: Hostile Takeover from Hack and Slash Games. “Dark Scry” is a spectral/cybernetic gladiator (formerly “Bull’s Eye”) I designed back in 2003. This “digitally remastered” version has the spirit of the original art with improvements that better match higher art standards and new template design for this year’s Ophidian relaunch.

Many thanks to Jason Robinette for the opportunity to contribute another personal “oldie but goodie” with some added polish. The original painted art is acrylic on 11″w x 8.5″h gessoed bristol (image area roughly 6.5″w x 9″h). Digital effects were applied in Adobe Photoshop CC.

More info here at the Ophidian 2360 Kickstarter page: