Art in March

This past Saturday, I had the honor of participating in the Lovonya Dejean Middle School First Annual Art in March Extravaganza in Richmond, California. This was my first time sharing examples of my vis dev work and a bit about my educational experiences with middle school-aged students in my neighborhood. The event was just a stone’s throw away from Mr. Lyon’s barbershop on Macdonald Avenue where I got some of the inspiration for the Afromancers storyline.

As a visiting artist/professional, I was interviewed by a student and asked to talk about my work and career path. Byron was a quick study. After composing a series of questions with a group of student audience members and one dry run, we let the camera roll. With mic in hand, he proceeded to ask me questions from the list and improvised several more on the spot. After the interview some of the students had more questions about my work, how many years it took to get to my skill level and how they might start on a path toward an art-related career.

Thank you to Polo Valdovinos for inviting me and to Principal William McGee for hosting the event.