Afro Kidd IP

Afro Kidd: Age of the Curlmonger is an original IP developed for my MFA thesis project. Planet Knot is home of the Curleans: powerful humanoids who can telekinetically control their hair through the practice of “afromancy”. The most powerful among them are known as “afromancers”. Afromancy spawned ages of discovery, culture and conflict between five dominant Curlean roots: Afrodics, Boxians, Jehris, D’Locks, and Weavers.

In this story, General Zhoshok engineers a fragile peace within his walled metropolis. His citizens ritually sacrifice their hair, purging themselves of all forms of afromancy in exchange for peace, wealth and security.

Zhoshok, however, intends to create and control an afroid: a rare afromancer with vast powers only rumored to exist, and use its powers to expand his realm. The child R’ska is the first to show potential as an afroid after years of failed tests held in secret on boys in a remote laboratory.  When an underground network learns of the R’ska, they send a robot to abduct him from the lab. With R’ska’s powers just beginning to blossom, they have the robot take him to find and unite the five powerful afromancers of legend known as The Naturals. If R’ska succeeds, they will return to Zhoshok’s city to overthrow him. If he fails, there may be no hope against the Curlmonger.

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